My clients save time, money and headache.

It's easy when you understand proportion, fit, color, texture, and craftsmanship. My 50 years of retail experience combined with a relaxed shopping environment and beautiful selection of unique clothing and accessories means you don't need to dread the three-way mirror. 

It's time you had a wardrobe you feel good in. It's time you had an easy time pulling gorgeous looks together from a few key pieces. It's time you said goodbye to cheaply made trends that don't flatter your figure and fall apart when you wash them.

Ready to book your style session? Come with girlfriends or alone. We'll have fun. And you'll turn heads!


"It's not just clothes shopping. It's a totally enjoyable experience. Carla's is where I go for a really personalized shopping experience and beautiful, quality clothes." 

- Terry Trucano